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Friday, 23.08.2019

BBC - Middle East News

BBC News - Middle East

22.8.2019 19:23
Iraq paramilitary chief plays down allegation against US
The Popular Mobilisation's deputy chief had said the US was behind recent blasts at its bases.

22.8.2019 17:02
Chemnitz trial: Syrian jailed over stabbing that sparked German far-right riots
The stabbing of a 35-year-old man in Chemnitz last year sparked violent far-right protests.

21.8.2019 11:53
Iran tanker row: Greece closes out ship after US warnings
A Greek minister says the country is "not willing to facilitate the course of this ship to Syria".

21.8.2019 15:15
Iran celebrities 'using ambulances to skip Tehran traffic jams'
The country's private ambulance services chief says police are too busy to help enforce regulations.

20.8.2019 15:08
Khan Sheikhoun: Syria rebels pull out of key town after five years
After five years in control, rebels pull out of a strategic town in their last remaining province.

20.8.2019 18:15
Pompeo admits IS 'more powerful' in some areas
The secretary of state contends that the terror group's ability to attack has been diminished.

20.8.2019 12:43
Syrian migrants in Turkey face deadline to leave Istanbul
Unregistered migrants have until Tuesday to leave or face expulsion from Turkey's biggest city.

New York Times - Middle East News

23.8.2019 03:13
Israeli Airstrike Hits Weapons Depot in Iraq
Israel attacked a base said to be a transit point for Iran to send weapons to Syria. It was one of several recent attacks on weapons depots in Iraq.

22.8.2019 05:49
Australia Is Third Country to Join U.S. in Patrolling Strait of Hormuz
“This is about freedom of shipping,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who denied that Australia was helping the United States put pressure on Iran.

21.8.2019 02:31
Syrian Forces Move Into Strategic Town, Tightening Grip on Rebels
Syria appeared close to seizing the town of Khan Sheikhoun, though clashes continued. The town lies on an important transportation corridor.

21.8.2019 01:56
Pompeo Concedes Challenges on ISIS and North Korea
But the secretary of state said he believed the administration was finding success with the intensified sanctions against Iran.

21.8.2019 15:56
What ‘Victory’ Looks Like: A Journey Through Shattered Syria
On an eight-day visit, New York Times journalists given rare access to Syria found ruin, grief and generosity. What was missing after eight years of civil war? Young men and a middle class.

20.8.2019 03:25
Palestinian Authority Bans Activities by Gay Rights Group
The Palestinian group, Al Qaws, vowed to continue its work. A police spokesman said its activities violated the “ideals and values of Palestinian society.”

20.8.2019 06:13
Al-Bashir Trial in Sudan Opens with Claim of $90 Million Payment From Saudis
A senior police officer said that the country’s deposed leader had admitted to receiving the money.

YNet News - Middle East News

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22.8.2019 23:50
IDF troops shoot Palestinian man who opened fire at Israel-Gaza border

22.8.2019 22:21
Netanyahu slams Gantz after Joint Arab List leader says he'd join his coalition

22.8.2019 21:07
Stena Bulk tanker seized by Iran could be released soon - Sweden's SVT broadcaster

22.8.2019 20:04
AG to allow local authorities to hold gender segregated events

22.8.2019 17:21
Senior Fatah officials says issue of energy debt with Israel resolved

NPR - National Public Radio - Middle East News

Middle East news, arts, culture, and politics. Updates on Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Iran, OPEC, and the Persian Gulf states NPR streaming audio. Subscribe to the Middle East RSS feed.

22.8.2019 22:36
Tourism To Israel Is On The Rise, With More U.S. Evangelical Christians Visiting

U.S. Jewish views of President Trump and the Israeli government are under strain, but support for Israel among white evangelicals is strong as they continue to visit Israel in record numbers.

22.8.2019 17:25
Face Recognition Lets Palestinians Cross Israeli Checkposts Fast, But Raises Concerns
A Palestinian man uses a biometric gate as he crosses into Israel at the Qalandia crossing in Jerusalem in July. Israel

Israel has begun using the technology at its West Bank checkpoints to verify Palestinians' identities as they cross into Israel. The new system means shorter wait times but is drawing criticism.

(Image credit: Sebastian Scheiner/AP)

22.8.2019 11:36
Australia Joins U.S.-Led Maritime Force Protecting Persian Gulf Shipping
Pictures from Iran

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Canberra would commit a frigate, patrol plane and specialist defense force personnel to the security flotilla escorting commercial shipping from Iranian attacks.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

22.8.2019 11:00
Lack Of Understanding Between U.S. And Iranian Leaders Has Consequences

NPR's Steve Inskeep sits down with conservative writer and newspaper editor Amir Mohebbian in Tehran to understand what Iran's ruling establishment thinks of escalating tensions with the U.S.

22.8.2019 11:00
Iran: When They Were Optimists

NPR's Steve Inskeep is in Tehran revisiting familiar faces. They're people he interviewed years ago, when Iran had a nuclear agreement with the U.S. What's happened since the U.S. left the deal?

21.8.2019 23:19
U.S. Warns Countries Not To Do Business With Iranian Oil Tanker In The Mediterranean

An Iranian oil tanker recently released by authorities in Gibraltar is making it's way across the Mediterranean Sea possibly toward Greece. The U.S. is telling countries not to deal with it.

21.8.2019 13:26
U.S. Sanctions Cut Off Iranians' Access To Medicine, Iran Says

The U.S is working to increase pressure on Iran, and many Iranians are struggling. The State Department is challenging Iran's charges that the U.S. is cutting off access to cancer drugs.

United Nations - Middle East News

Global perspective, human stories

21.8.2019 20:53
Lack of funds forces UN to close down life-saving aid programmes in Yemen
The United Nations announced on Wednesday that it is being forced to close down several humanitarian programmes in Yemen because money pledged by Member States to pay for them has “failed to materialize”. 

20.8.2019 23:33
Urgent need for ‘restraint and genuine dialogue’ in Middle East to avoid major confrontation
Briefing the Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, the Chef de Cabinet of the Secretary-General, Maria Luiza Viotti, said on Tuesday that “restraint and genuine dialogue are urgently needed”, in order to avoid a major confrontation, which would have disastrous consequences, even well beyond the region. 

20.8.2019 18:50
‘No time to lose’ UN envoy tells Security Council, ‘Yemen cannot wait’
One month ago, the United Nations top Yemen envoy told the Security Council the country was facing “a crucial moment” in the course of its long and bloody conflict, and on Tuesday, he again urged members to acknowledge that recent infighting around the Government stronghold of Aden were “a clear sign” that the conflict must be brought to a swift, peaceful end.

16.8.2019 19:25
‘Quash’ convictions and release women jailed for protesting against wearing veils in Iran, urge UN rights experts
Decades-long prison sentences handed down to three women protesting the strictly enforced wearing of veils in Iran, have drawn alarm and condemnation from six United Nations independent human rights experts.

15.8.2019 18:40
Three more humanitarian workers killed in Syria, with civilian death toll ‘rising every day’
An attack in the south of Syria’s restive Idlib province that led to the deaths of a paramedic, an ambulance driver and a rescue worker, were added to the grim total on Thursday of more than 500 civilian fatalities documented in the country by the United Nations, over the past three and a half months alone.

9.8.2019 17:06
UN food aid to Yemen will fully resume after two-month break, as Houthis ‘guarantee’ delivery
Life-saving food aid distribution is set to resume to 850,000 people in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, following guarantees by Houthi opposition forces that the supplies will reach those who need them most, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday.

8.8.2019 19:39
In wake of ‘collapsed’ agreement, new wave of violence threatens millions in Syria’s Idlib
Following the collapse of the latest truce in Idlib at the start of this week, the Senior Humanitarian Adviser to the UN’s Syria Envoy urged Member States on Thursday to increase their support for “critical humanitarian needs” in the country’s last opposition-held enclave.

Daily Star Lebanon - Middle East News

23.8.2019 00:07
Beirut-Bekaa train line plans gain steam
Plans to link Beirut to the Bekaa Valley via train have picked up steam in recent weeks after parliamentary committees approved a law authorizing Cabinet to construct a Beirut-Bekaa tunnel.

22.8.2019 20:06
Man killed by Israeli cluster bomb from 2006
A man in his twenties was killed Thursday in an explosion thought to be caused by an Israeli cluster bomb left over from the July 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel.

22.8.2019 16:06
Cabinet appoints remaining members of Constitutional Council
Cabinet appoints remaining members of Constitutional Council

22.8.2019 15:52
Hassan orders governors to clean water channels to avoid winter floods
Interior Minister Raya El Hassan addressed regional governors Thursday via Twitter, requesting that they ensure the cleaning of water channels in their areas, in order to avoid flooding during fall and winter

22.8.2019 12:51
Cabinet appoints remaining members of Constitutional Council
Cabinet Thursday appointed the five remaining members needed to make up the Constitutional Council, Information Minister Jamal Jarrah said following a session at Beiteddine Palace Thursday

22.8.2019 11:27
Protest outside the Labor Ministry against crackdown
BEIRUT: Palestinians joined the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in a demonstration outside the Labor Ministry Thursday to protest the ministry's crackdown on undocumented foreign labor as officials gathered for a Cabinet meeting.

22.8.2019 10:35
Turkish FM in Beirut to meet Aoun, other officials
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is visiting Beirut Thursday and will hold a number of meetings with Lebanese officials to discuss bilateral ties and regional developments.

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