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Thursday, 16.08.2018

BBC News - Middle East

BBC News - Middle East

15.8.2018 10:55
Israel reopens Gaza cargo crossing after calm

Israel had shut Kerem Shalom for all but humanitarian deliveries in response to Palestinian attacks.

15.8.2018 12:01
Palestinian mail blocked by Israel arrives eight years late

Letters and packages from as far as 2010 arrive in the West Bank after they are released by Israel.

14.8.2018 14:27
IS conflict: Up to 30,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq - UN

A UN report says a "reduced, covert version" of the group could remain, despite its military losses.

14.8.2018 15:57
Fans to return to Egypt league games

The Egyptian government announces that fans will be allowed back to watch league matches for the first time since 2012 initially in smaller numbers.

14.8.2018 16:35
Jeremy Corbyn will not apologise over Tunisia wreath row

The Labour leader says he was at an event in 2014 in order to promote peace in the Middle East.

13.8.2018 16:47
Elon Musk says Saudis back Tesla buyout

The explanation of his plan to take the electric carmaker private follows legal action by some investors.

15.8.2018 15:00
Iran sanctions: US President Trump ‘behaving like a mafia boss’

The United States's actions on Iran are nothing to be proud of, says Prof Mohammad Marandi.


NYT > Middle East

16.8.2018 04:32
ISIS Member Wanted in Murder in Iraq Is Arrested in Sacramento, U.S. Says

Omar Ameen, 45, who is also a longtime member of Al Qaeda, lied to obtain refugee status in 2014, prosecutors say.

16.8.2018 00:49
44 Small Graves Stir Questions About U.S. Policy in Yemen

An airstrike by a Saudi-led coalition on a bus carrying Yemeni children casts new light on the United States’ role in the war there.

15.8.2018 21:43
Sacks of Mail Reach the West Bank, 8 Years Late

Ten tons of letters and packages, which Israel had prevented from entering the Palestinian territory of the West Bank, have finally been released.

16.8.2018 02:50
Moshe Mizrahi, 86, Who Won an Oscar for ‘Madame Rosa,’ Is Dead

Born to a Jewish family in Egypt, Mr. Mizrahi was the first Israeli filmmaker to win an Academy Award and is still the only one.

16.8.2018 00:40
Israeli Military Clears Itself of Wrongdoing in 2014 Gaza War’s ‘Black Friday’

The military said its inquiry into one of the war’s bloodiest episodes found no criminal wrongdoing by Israeli forces.

16.8.2018 03:57
Qatar Comes to Aid of Turkey, Offering $15 Billion Lifeline

The sum is a small fraction of what Turkey needs to shore up its faltering economy, but it was a symbolically important sign of international support.

15.8.2018 17:41
Syria Dispatch: ‘There Are No Girls Left’: Syria’s Christian Villages Hollowed Out by ISIS

While calm has returned to a Christian area of Syria ravaged by the Islamic State, the traumatized people have not, with whole villages emptied. “There are so few of us,” says a church official.


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15.8.2018 23:55
UN Secretary-General welcomes Israel's decision to open the Kerem Shalom crossing

15.8.2018 23:50
Palestinian president lashes out at US over Gaza situation

15.8.2018 22:43
Trump revokes security clearance of former CIA director Brennan

15.8.2018 22:42
Turkey says ready to discuss issues with US without threats

15.8.2018 22:39
Suicide bomber targets Shiite students in Afghanistan, killing 48


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15.8.2018 23:56
Journalist Austin Tice's Parents Are Still Fighting For Their Son's Return

Journalist Austin Tice has been missing in Syria for six years after being abducted by militants. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with his parents, Debra and Marc Tice, about their fight to bring him home.

15.8.2018 19:37
Turkey Counterpunches By Raising Tariffs On U.S. Goods
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks during a news conference Tuesday at the presidential palace in Ankara.

Ankara has increased tariffs on U.S. products ranging from liquor to automobiles to beauty products, in some cases more than tripling them.

(Image credit: Burhan Ozbilici/AP)

15.8.2018 11:06
After Trump Tariffs, Relations With Turkey Are At A Low Point

David Greene talks Amanda Sloat of the Brookings Institution about President Trump's recent hard-line stance with Turkey which sparked an economic crisis for the country.

14.8.2018 23:04
How Turkey's Economic Problems Are Viewed In Istanbul

With Turkey's currency volatile and an ongoing battle between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Trump, Turks are tense about their economic future, but not in a panic.

14.8.2018 22:27
Former Turkish Military Officer Speaks Out After Being Imprisoned By His Own Government

A Turkish military officer who was assigned to NATO speaks about escaping the country's purge after spending 16 months in jail.

14.8.2018 11:07
Morning News Brief: Primaries, Taliban Attack And Turkey's Crisis

Four states hold primaries Tuesday ahead of November's midterms. Taliban fighters have attacked the Afghan city of Ghazni. As Turkey's economic troubles spread, a dispute with the U.S. plays a role.

13.8.2018 23:28
What's The Deal With The Deepening Dispute Between U.S. And Turkey?
President Trump speaks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a tour of the new NATO headquarters last month in Brussels, Belgium. Despite their alliance, the U.S. and Turkey have experienced escalating friction in recent weeks.

With the tariffs, sanctions and insults, these longtime allies are looking like anything but. As the Turkish lira falls, you may wonder what's going on here — and why it matters. We have answers.

(Image credit: Tatyana Zenkovich/AP)


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14.8.2018 19:25
Fighting between pro-government factions in Yemen kills 18

14.8.2018 17:06
Kurds meet with Syrian government to discuss self-rule

14.8.2018 10:23
Israeli minister confirms Benjamin Netanyahu met Abdel Fattah al-Sisi over Gaza

14.8.2018 09:17
40 children killed in Yemen bus strike: new Red Cross toll

14.8.2018 18:08
Saudi Arabia puts money on technology as it prepares for life after oil

13.8.2018 18:45
Iran's Khamenei: 'No war, no negotiations with the US'

13.8.2018 13:00
Iran unveils next generation missile: Media

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