Mr. Kerry, mr. Obama, please stay away from Israel!

Dear mr. president, dear mr. secretary, you want to do good for the peace in Palestine. Want to stop settlements in the occupied territories. But you don’t. Cause you don’t know how things work in Jerusalem. This is the way

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Wörterwolke Israel / Nahostkonflikt

… entstanden aus den letzten Blogbeiträgen Die word cloud mit den Ministerpräsidenten Israels: Weitere Clouds des Transatlantikblogs gibt es hier auf Wordle

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On Netanyahu: Advice for President Obama

Dear mr. President, are you hacked off when it comes to Netanyahus stubbornness? So, after your re-election, you might act according to what former Israeli Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Shlomo Ben-Ami, described: Israelis applaud their leaders when they confront the

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Israel - Zitat des Tages

 At times it seems as if what Jews do to other jews in this country [Israel] would be defined in any other country as nothing less than antisemtisim.

David Grossman
(Israelischer Autor. Man vergleiche das mit einer nicht untypischen Äußerung eines ultra-orthodoxen jüdischen Siedlers: "The Israeli secular entity has to be destroyed. God can't reveal himself until it's all wiped out. As long as the state of Israel stays as it is, there will be no redemption." Shmuel Ben Yishai, Settler, Hebron (Interview CBS Frontline April 2005). Was der Siedler hier verlangt ist nichts weniger als die Beseitigung des Staates Israel.)

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