Obamas transition to power

Notes from Kansas Hi folks, I am amazed at how rapidly President-Elect Obama is moving to put his cabinet and advisers in place.  We are in a severe economic crisis that many compare to the “Great Depression” of the 1930′s. 

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Israel - Zitat des Tages

 Many Israelis viciously beat up Palestinians seeking to harvest olives as they have for centuries, and there is no end [to it]. Young Israelis, smitten by messianic dreams, hit our soldiers, breaking their bones and threatening their lives, and no one stops them.

Ehud Olmert
(Israelischer Ministerpräsident 2006-2009. Über das Verhalten der radikalen Siedler in der Westbank gegenüber den Palästinensern und den eigenen Soldaten.)

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