Stand with Al Gore in Bali

Al Gore

Dear Michael,

In Bali, Indonesia thousands of delegates from nearly 190 countries have gathered at the UN Conference on Climate Change. In nine days, I will address the conference to urge the adoption of a visionary new treaty to address global warming and I want to bring your voices with me.

Click here to sign my petition today and I will bring your signatures on stage with me as a clear demonstration of our resolve:

Together, we will call on the US government to assume a new leadership role in solving the climate crisis.

World leaders including British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and newly elected Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd have all agreed to aggressively battle the climate crisis – yet our country still lags behind.

Over the next nine days, I would like you to help me get people from across the country to sign our message to the global community. We can demonstrate that the American people understand the immediacy of the climate crisis and want to work with the nations of the world to solve it.

Time is short – we need to mobilize everyone to bring this message to Bali.

The American people want a visionary treaty to address climate change and for the US government to play a positive leadership role in its development.

Thank you,

Al Gore

P.S. After signing the petition, please urge your friends and family to sign the petition and join the movement.

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 Zionismus ist ja gerade der Versuch, das jüdische Volk aus seiner tragischen Rolle der Minderheit zu erlösen, ihm die nationale Freiheit im eigenen Land zu geben. Freiheit heißt Selbstbestimmung. Diese ist nur auf dem Boden der eigenen Heimat möglich und nur dann, wenn das Volk an Zahl und Kraft stark genug ist, sich kulturell, wirtschaftlich und politisch auf diesem Boden zu behaupten - d.h. wenn es Majorität ist.

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